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iPhone again



I am all thinking what would have happened at Apple when iPhone as a product was conceived? 

What kind of tussle would have occurred between engineers and marketers/visionaries regarding the feasibility of the product? You want ipod, phone and internet to cram into one tiny piece of marvel, impossible? I am sure there would be some kind of arguments that would have popped up at the drawing board. 

  • Is it okay for apple to make a phone?
  • Can it survive the market dominated by Nokia?
  • Can the low power expectations are meet?
  • Will the multi touch screen survive the usage?
  • How will test this complex thing?
  • How can things be made simple? Is it possible?

And hopefully a zillion other questions, I am sure. I wish I could know how they try to overcome these and deliver the product that is revolutionary.

The tussle between the engineers and marketing team is present in all companies.

If the debate is open and both the parties listen then we can have wonderful product like iPhone, else that brilliant idea will meet its death in the drawing board.



Google calender notification


Why is that google sends a notification saying that “You have no events scheduled today.” It dosen’t make any sense. Instead I can send notification only if there is an event scheduled. How come google miss such a obvious point on useablity & simplicity ?


Bug Zero


Bug Zero

First actual case of bug being found!

Source : Department of the Navy, Navy Historical Center, Washington, DC


Command line


Call no man happy who has not mastered the command line! #


Respect the developers


How can project succeed if the developers are not respected for their craft ?

Thinking on the job


In my years at Bell labs, we worked in two-person offices. They were spacious, quiet, and the phones could be diverted. I shared my office with Wendl Thomis who went on to build a small empire as an electronic toy maker. In those days, he was working on the ESS fault dictionary. The dictionary scheme relied upon the notion of n-space proximity, a concept that was hairy enough to challenge even Wendl’s powers of concentration. One afternoon, I was bent over to program listing while Wendl was staring into space, his feet propped upon his desk. Our boss came in and asked, “wendl What are you doing?” Wendl said, “I’m thinking.” and the boss said, “Can’t you do that at home?”


TDM in Peopleware

400+ Differences

Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right – Ani Difranco

Visual Studio 2005 comes  supposedly with 400+ differences from it’s predecessor. If this is the case, I am wondering what kind of tools did Microsoft offer before 2005?

Take a look at sixteen different takes: Life as a developer. It is funny and you may corelate to it.


Thru Lens


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