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Tamil Pulp Fiction

Tamil Pulp Fiction

Tamil Pulp Fiction

I never regretted the fact that it was impossible for me read Tamil in much fluent and faster pace. Indraikum, nan elzhthu kooti than padipane. But there is one occasion in which I really regret that I unable to read fluently in Tamil. That is when I see all those colorful novels hanging on the stalls in tea shops, bus stand. The cover art of those books are so inviting and mesmersing.

This month’s Outlook nano had two stories from the “Tamil Pulp Fiction”. Rajesh Kumar’s Idhaya 2020 and Suba’s Hurricane Vaij.

Extract from the introduction to Rajesh Kumar.

“The selection of virtually any newsstand in Tamil nadu, will include several of his books; the back covers typically feature a ghostly, haloed image of author’s head, complete with a trademark asymmetrical hairstyle and oversize sunglasses”

So, true. Every one loved Rajesh Kumar. ( I could not find that wonderful photo on the net 😐 )

I am going to buy this book. Wish this book was offerdable just like those original tamil novels.


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