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From my old photo collection.

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From my flickr archive.

The side effect of having “Namma Metro” in Bangalore, This is photographed at Ulsoor. The colors tells us lot about the people who stayed in this. One of our relative used to stay there.

Srinivasa Ramanujam’s house.

I had been to Kumbakonam last week and I was there at Srinivasa Ramanujam’s house which is located at Sarangapani kovil street. It’s unfortunate that one is not allowed to take photographs inside the house. I request people at Sastra University to allow photography inside the house.


The indian way of posing for that class photograph..

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G A N D H I  (by Thru Lens)

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Workplace Zen

I got this mail from a college. Now I am enlightened soul.

I just read this in some mail thread; helping someone with a problem “lends validity to my otherwise unproductive existence today”
Meanwhile, Wishing you all a colorful independence day.


There is a new camera at home

There is a new camera at home. Here is a visual documentation of the camera.

Last week, I brought my very first photography book “The Photo Bookand I wonder why it took so much time to buy one. This book is not about techniques, tips and tricks but a collection of stunning, beautiful photographs. I brought this one to appreciate photography. Incidentally on  the same I brought this toy camera (comes with Jeeraga Mitai ) to my little son. With book and little camera and nothing much to do, I indulged in pop art and results are displayed below.

The only thing hate about photography books is that they are obscenely costly and I had to shell out a pricey sum for this book.

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