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To be or not to be

To be or not to be… that is the question.”

This question now has an answer and it is 0xff and there is an explanation for this unlike “the ultimate answer 42“.

0x2b | ~0x2b = 0xff

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Monkeys do Math

Researchers at Duke University have demonstrated that monkeys have the ability to perform mental addition. In fact, monkeys performed about as well as college students given the same test.


Optical Illusion


What’s wrong with this photo ? With the ambient light it might be sometimes difficult to realize what is misleading the brain in getting it right. I tweaked with brightness/contrast of the image to get the one below. In the modified image, the light source on the top of image is more intense than others. The surface which are parallel to the light source reflect more light than the ones that are not parallel. Now the real structure becomes clear. The angle at which you view this model is must to see this illusion, else the the gap between the stubs parallel to base becomes obvious.





Thru Lens


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