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Tamil Pulp Fiction

Tamil Pulp Fiction

Tamil Pulp Fiction

I never regretted the fact that it was impossible for me read Tamil in much fluent and faster pace. Indraikum, nan elzhthu kooti than padipane. But there is one occasion in which I really regret that I unable to read fluently in Tamil. That is when I see all those colorful novels hanging on the stalls in tea shops, bus stand. The cover art of those books are so inviting and mesmersing.

This month’s Outlook nano had two stories from the “Tamil Pulp Fiction”. Rajesh Kumar’s Idhaya 2020 and Suba’s Hurricane Vaij.

Extract from the introduction to Rajesh Kumar.

“The selection of virtually any newsstand in Tamil nadu, will include several of his books; the back covers typically feature a ghostly, haloed image of author’s head, complete with a trademark asymmetrical hairstyle and oversize sunglasses”

So, true. Every one loved Rajesh Kumar. ( I could not find that wonderful photo on the net 😐 )

I am going to buy this book. Wish this book was offerdable just like those original tamil novels.



Enaku leap varudangal
Romba pidukum
Andha varudathil than
Innum oru nal
Adhigamai vazhalam unnudan!
  – Tabu Sankar

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Madurai and Sanga Kaala tamil kavithai


The top half of photograph is from an unknown source. The bottom half is from Sathiyan. More of his photos can be found here and on his blog.Henk has very good collection of photographs from Madurai. You can check out of his collection at his pbase site.

Now for some mythology and beautiful tamil poetry.

Lord Shiva performed “Thiruvilayadals” for poets who prayed to him for succour.  Once the Pandiyan king had a doubt as to whether the scent from a woman’s hair was natural or artificial. He announced a price of 1000 gold coins for anyone who clear his doubt. A poor poet named Tharumi prayed to Lord Shiva to make him get the award.

The Lord gave a poem to the poet and asked him to take it to the King. When this poem was read in the court, Poet Nakkeerar found fault with it and stopped the giving od the prize. Alas! Tharumi’s grief grew and he again appealed to the Lord. He said he was not for not receiving the prize but he could not bear anyone finding fault with the Lord’s poems. Thereupon, Lord Shiva himself came to the court and challenged Nakkeerar. But Nakkeerar could not be cowed down.

Though the divine poet asked him if the hair of Ganapoongodai,the consort of Lord Kalathinathar,whom Nakkeerar worshipped ,did not have the natural scent,the undaunted Nakkeerar asserted that it was so. 

Suddenly the Lord opened the eye in his forehead (Netrikkan)  which emitted fire and looked at Nakkeerar to show the poet who he was. Even then, Nakkeerar persisted in his statement. As he could not bear the scorching heat, emanating from the divine eye he jumped into the water of the Golden Lotus Tank. Then at the request of the other poets, the Lord took Nakkeerar out of the tank, forgave him and made him study under ‘Agasthiar’, the tamil Sage. 


konkutêr vâlkkai yañcirait tumpi
kâmañ ceppâtu kaNTatu molimô
payiliyatu kelîiya naTpin mayiliyar
ceriyeyir rarivai kûntalin
nariyavum uLavônî yariyum pûvê
Beautiful-winged bee
whose life is passed in search of honey
don’t speak to me of desire
but tell me what you really saw:
Could even the flowers that you know
be as full of fragrance
as the hair of the woman
with the even set of teeth and the peacock nature,
to whom long affection binds me? (From )

Now one more couplet form pudhu kavithai by Tabu Sankar.

Kundhalil poovin vasam vesum, Theriyum
Indha poovilo un kundhalin vasamallava vesugirathu!
-Tabu Sankar

Romancing the infinity!

The taste of infinity in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet play.

My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.  – William Shakespeare

Sure enough weird things happen at infinity!

Vanavil / Rainbow

Rainbows are just

to just look at,

Not to understand.




Photograph by Sathiyan 

Illatha kadavul pondra Idai konda pennae. Dravida kavithai


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