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From my flickr archive.

The side effect of having “Namma Metro” in Bangalore, This is photographed at Ulsoor. The colors tells us lot about the people who stayed in this. One of our relative used to stay there.

The big question

A friend of mine asked, why do our government offices to have hindu gods being displayed on the walls? won’t this intimidate people of other beliefs?


G A N D H I  (by Thru Lens)

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Postcards from Pondicherry, Cuddalore and Chidambaram

Here are some of the photographs from beautiful place Pondicherry and Cuddalore. More to follow.The photographs was taken in Nikon S10. (Point and Shoot) and post processed in Photoshop.

In this series of photographs I tired minimalism and redux which leads to simple beautiful photographs. Do let me know what you think of them.

Closed doors

Almost all doors remain closed on hot summer day. Somewhere in Rue Saint Gilles in pondicherry

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Photographed on Nikon S10 at Chandrachoodeswarar Kovil in Hosur.

Rare photographs of temples of tamilnadu

 Temples of enchanting tamilnadu

Here is a collection of some of the rare photographs of temples of enchanting tamilnadu. The photographs sheds light on people, dress, transport, religious practice at that time.

Enchanting tamilnadu. Rare photographs of temples in tamilnadu

Are you a good programmer?

Arsenalist make a blanket statement about the programmers from India in his article on outsourcing . Need not get offended by the issue raised. Instead one should ponder if he makes a good programmer or lousy one.

A good programmer will:

  • Read good code and appreciate it.
  • Embrace simplicity.
  • Embrace aesthetics.
  • Embrace review process.
  • No ego.
  • Collaborate and be team player.
  • Communicate properly.
  • Read Code complete, Pragmatic Programmer.
  • Visits slashdot and other tech blogs.
  • Do not have superficial knowledge.
  • Have common sense.
  • Develop a taste for programming.
  • Learn multiple languages.
  • Learn form the masters.
  • Optimal use of meetings.
  • Do not blame on compilers!
  • Fixes the issues at source.
  • Will have meaningful debug sessions.
  • Will be a part of religious war.
  • Will not be a part of religious war.
  • Uses version control effectively
  • Does not repeats himself
  • Will not become a manager!
  • Do not get defensive on review comments.
  • Do not entertain BS.
  • Do not tolerate lousy programmers.
  • Are lazy.
  • Do not live on jargons.
  • Will write test cases.
  • Will comment.
  • Will use correct tool.
  • Will develop tools.
  • and many more….


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