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What is your formula ?

Please check out the Edge’s question special.  What is your formula ?

Richard Dawkins formula.


And, finally my formula and kindly share your formulas here…

More code = More bugs

Like a fine pair of jeans..

Found these cute description at back of ipod nano. Only Apple can think of this. The new ipod nano is just beautiful!

Like a fine pair of jeans, the color of ipod may change over a period of time.

Going home!

Going home.

Bye Bye Sunnyvale…


Journey of an Apple

Currently in US on short term work assignment.

US exports apples. India imports apple. I carry some of them to US.

Apples from ‘India’ cannot get past US customs 🙂

Yin & Yang at bookstore!

In a local book store, I found that Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter to placed under the fiction section.

I also found that God Delusion by Richard Dawkins to place placed along the illustrated Bible under the New and Noteworthy section.

At last, I bought a copy of God Delusion…



Null Set -> Mathematics

Vacuum -> Physics

Contemplating on blogging



Photographed at the Grand Royal Palace, Bangkok, Thailand.

It is that time of year, where you are not aware of what one is doing. Where the passion for the hobby dwindles and you wonder where you are heading. Something similar is happening to my blogging activity.

What to blog and what not to blog ? Work eats into personal time, you run out of ideas, themes and other snippets that might are probable candidates for blogging suddenly evaporate from mind and blogging becomes extremely difficult to enact.

To blog is a creative act and I am not a creative person right now. You over come this by doing pretty ordinary things like uploading photos on to my photo blog which sans any explanation of the place, people etc which makes the Thrulens a dull photo blog. Need to revive my blogging style.

Meanwhile, it seems that I can view Shivaji only in the month of July. I can shell out absurd money nor I have an physical energy to stand in queue early morning 😦



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