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One more bug. One more absurd web interface.


Tried to fill the online application for a home loan at ICICI bank website. I was surprised that I was unable to submit my application thanks to brilliant design/code/interface/ whatever.

As process of submitting my application I had to select the area from drop down menu, but to my surprise I find no entries in the drop down menu (There is a dynamic relationship between the area and city). and this is supposed to be a mandatory field in the application. Amen.

I hate to see untested unmaintained products in the public domain, Mostly they do not have fall back options, no error reporting mechanism, bad interface, not intuitive design. These things make the life of the user suck.

At present all I am thinking is there are no bugs in their security modules.


Why do they ship half baked products ?


I wonder why will anybody ship half baked crappy products ? Why do they risk of negative publicity for their products ?If the products is not tested then it is not ready for user, please don’t use us as guinea pigs for your product testing, please test your products before releasing it to the market else say that your product is alpha version.

I am cribbing because, the recently purchased Sandisk music player just hung as soon as it was connected to USB port. Then good old method of unscrewing and removing of battery helped the player to breathe again. Apple’s craftsman ship stands out when compared to Sandisk and I haven’t experienced any problem with iPod till now.

Then there is this text editor e that I tried to evaluate because it promised the power of TextMate on Windows. The editor e just froze my computer forever when I asked editor to open a new file for me. Simple acts as this resulted in me loosing my precious work. No I won’t blame Windows here, the culprit is the editor software. Why do they not test these basic use cases first ?

Who is to be blamed, the marketers or the developers?



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