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Humor in Science


One night Georges Cuvier was visited by the devil. One of his students dressed up with horns on his head and shoes shaped like cloven hooves. This frightening apparation burst into Cuvier’s bedroom when he was fast asleep and claimed:

“Wake up thou man of catastrophes. I am the devil. I have come to devour you!”

Cuvier studied the apparation carefully and critically said, “I doubt whether you can. You have horns and hooves. You eat only plants.”

I don’t like electrons; they’ve always had a negative influence on society. (Chris Lipe)

Most prime numbers are even. Proof: pick up any math text and look for a prime number. The first one you find will probably be even.1

“The number you have dialed is imaginary.
Please rotate your phone 90 degrees and try again.”

Man did not originate not from monkey, but from two monkeys…



Pratfall !


I dread reading news in the month of April. Difficult in knowing which one is genuine and which one is not. Here is a piece of news which says that scientist got their fundamentals wrong. This resulted in huge explosion at LHC.

“We are dumb-founded that we missed some very simple balance of forces. Not only was it missed in the engineering design but also in the four engineering reviews carried out between 1998 and 2002 before launching the construction of the magnet”

Pier Oddone. Director of Fermilab.

Pictures of LHC

Mean while, Johnny Hart the B.C cartoonist is dead.





National science day.



Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science. ~Edwin Powell Hubble, The Nature of Science, 1954

Today is the National Science Day. It is on this day, to celebrate the C.V.Raman’s discovery of Raman Effect in the year 1928. After two years he was awarded Nobel prize for physics.

On this day let us try to put an end to all pseudo science, cargo cult science and other crap that exist. Two incident from today tell that we are still living in dark ages. It was surprise to see that it is extremely difficult for a rational person to argue that the movie The Secret is just plain crap. The guy who featured in the movie says that it is science and it is known by the name PshycoNeuroImmuninology now what ever that may mean. He was supposed to be completely cured of cancer, just visualizing it being cured. I haven’t seen the movie, but two minute trailer tells me that it is all dud. By the way the secret costs as little as $25. They price it low, that people do not think twice before falling into their trap. It is small amount any way.

The second incident is about the spam mail, that I received today,this mail is about the deadly spider called Telamonia dimidiata. You can see about the chain mail here. You find all about other spams at

What is really surprising people are not thinking logically, they do not want to think. One can verify almost anything via Google. Why don’t use Google to stop spam, if you just received a mail that looks like spam, search for it Google, before you hit those forward button. It takes less that 0.000003 second for Google to tell you that you have been spammed!

Take a oath to lead more rational life from today. That is what India and the World needs now.


Periodic Table


Lego blocks used to trigger the scientific spark in kids …

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Alien SMS…


Via : New Scientist

Alien competition runners up

HERE, as promised, are 10 runner-up entries in the Feedback New Year competition. We asked entrants to compose a text message in no more than 160 characters, sent by an alien who has just arrived on our planet. Some of last week’s winning contributors sent more than one entry that we particularly enjoyed, and three of these are included here.

No sign of survivors. Died out 65 million years ago. No need for return mission.

Thomas J. Lynch, Perkasie, Pennsylvania, US

Natives wonderful. Send ketchup.

Chris Mullard, London, UK

Too late. Another one overrun by Starbucks.

Len Cooke, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK

“Green” site not safe, had to splash down at “blue” site. Life abundant and highly intelligent. Locals say dry land is bandit country – very dangerous.

Colin Wainwright, London, UK

Marooned! On Earth there is but one science. Based on mere observation and logic, it forbids faster-than-light travel and our star drive is refusing to work.

Clive Bashford, London, UK

3rd planet-colonisation candidate. C02 rising and almost breathable.

John Alderson, Reading, Berkshire, UK

Anthropologists will have a field day here. They’ve got a creation myth that everything started with a “big bang”. They’ve even got the math to prove it.

Michael Parsons, Canberra, ACT, Australia

It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it.

Justin Byrne, Dublin, Ireland

Humans are not conscious beings but remote-controlled by little boxes pressed to the head or wires plugged into their ears.

Olaf Lipinski, Bad Homburg, Germany

This planet, mostly harmless, is chiefly remarkable for providing the best evidence so far that the limit of 160 characters on SMS messages is a universal const

Kim Bastin, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia


Werner Heisenberg hates …



Why did Werner Heisenberg hate driving cars ?

Because, every time he looked at the speedometer he got lost! (Chuck O’ Connel)


10 most beautiful experiments



Ten most beautiful experiments in science. This is pretty old stuff which was published in The New York Times, 2002. More info can be found here.

  1. Double-slit electron diffraction
  2. Galileo’s experiment on falling objects
  3. Millikan’s oil-drop experiment
  4. Newtons’s decomposition of sunlight with a prism
  5. Young’s light-interference experiment
  6. Cavendish’s torsion-bar experiment
  7. Eratosthenes’s measurement of earth’s circumference
  8. Galileo’s experiments with rolling balls down inclined plane
  9. Rutherford’s discovery of the nucleus
  10. Foucault’s pendulum.

More information on Physicsweb



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