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Once you know, it’s no fun anymore | Magic Explained.

Golden Gate Bridge : Under construction.

Why guys can’t cook.

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This post is about making waiting time at hospitals more tolerable, a simple solution is to display the current token number and the average time to examine the patient. These two information will help others who are in the waiting queue.

“…of all the hardships a person had to face none was more punishing than the simple act of waiting.”
― Khaled HosseiniA Thousand Splendid Suns

No one likes to spend time waiting, but it is inevitable, especially at places like hospitals, reservation counters etc.  It makes sense to make this waiting time more tolerable for people.  Business entities that take extra step to make this,  will retain their customers, while others will loose them.

There will be significant waiting time at hospitals due to limited resources, process to followed and type of diagnosis.  The first thing to reduce is the waiting time to analyze the workflow for…

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Acronyms are your allies

Boss: “What was your contribution to the project?”

you: “Mostly QA. I was also an SME for the BUs”

Boss: “Um…okay. Excellent work.”

Polar Day | A time lapse view


Path to the Theory of Everything.


Image courtesy : The Cultural History of Physics by Karoly Simonyi.


Thru Lens

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  • @kavi_rt Agree. That is the bigger problem. 4 hours ago
  • @kavi_rt It may be sheer laziness. Halon's Razor. Never attribute to malice, what can be explained by stupidity. 4 hours ago
  • @kavi_rt That is the shifting the burden of proof. A logical fallacy that shouldn't be entertained. 5 hours ago
  • @seevin Should I DM the answer? :-) Meanwhile, NO is my answer. 5 hours ago
  • @girikesavan We act in a certain way, because we fear other people's opinion. I have issues with symbolism, doesn't reflect true self 5 hours ago
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