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Hallgrímskirkja | Church of Hallgrímur


Pacman has been spotted on the surface of one of the solar system’s most striking moons. Saturn’s moon Mimas has previously been compared with the Death Star because of a large scar on its surface called the Herschel crater. Now NASA’s Cassini probe created the best temperature map yet of the moon, using data collected during a fly-by in February. It reveals a pattern that resembles Pacman eating a dot centred on the distinctive crater. It’s unclear what has caused the pattern. “We suspect the temperatures are revealing differences in texture on the surface,” says John Spencer at Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

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Tufte vs Kittens

1915 Anti-Smoking Sign , Zion Illinois

How to transform your hoodie into a computer sleeve

B O R G !


Dexter is one and only genius!

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Thru Lens

“If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.” – Linda McCartney

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  • Could never wrap my head over the idea Pre-Cog in Minority Report. 5 hours ago
  • Saw Kakhi Sattai song on TV. Now want experience it in theater. Sucker for badly made movies. 6 hours ago
  • Illamai Pudhumai on Chutti TV. Surely the lines are getting blurred. 6 hours ago
  • @sedh_theory In that case, you will love the book even more. 6 hours ago
  • @ptcv_ Just play of shapes and subjects. In line with we can't decrypt Elephant at an instant, due to the size. 6 hours ago
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