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Happy 2010

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Are we serious?

The cover of India Today magazine was bit disturbing. 

Very very insensitive in dealing with matters of national importance.

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Vetaikaran and Avatar

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On Worries

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AIBO attacked by the dog.

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Headphone Jack

Wonder why most of the headphone connectors bent bent? What purpose it serves and what might be advantage of designing it like that? Personally I feel it a big discomfort.

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Ever wondered how the computer really works?

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Thru Lens


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  • Only Tata Sky have audacity to spin a story around their upgrade debacle and showcase it as favour towards the customer. 1 hour ago
  • Watching 'The Peacemaker' is fun. Everyone taking random gibberish all the time. Wonder movies of this genre can ever be made interesting. 10 hours ago
  • @tekvijay The ugly electricity cable was running next to him. Hence had to avoid it. 11 hours ago
  • 11 hours ago
  • @mokrish Let them sacrifice the tax holidays and things like that. The LPG is only subsidy available for salaried people. 11 hours ago
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