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Purchasing power: An alternative Big Mac Index | The Economist

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A D V I C E !

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Over 75? Time to go!

Over 75? Time to go

ARE the programmers of Apple’s iPhone trying to tell senior citizens it’s time to go? We hope not, although its inability to keep track of birthdays for people over 75 suggests otherwise. It seems they have limited the iPhone to events that repeat no more than 75 times – and the iPhone counts each birthday as an event, even if it was in the past. They created this rule before adding the birthday tracking feature, evidently forgetting that grandpa might be keeping track of grandma’s birthday, not just the grandchildren’s.

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The OMG-WTF Spectrum

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Mr Fix it. Uses K&R C book.

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Two photography books

Purchased these two photography books.

 The World’s Top Photographers, Photojournalism

LIFE : The Platinum Anniversary Collection. 70 Years of extraordinary

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