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Where you want to be?

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Unfortunately his (Vijaykanth) dreams did not come true. I wish all the rumors about him turn about to be false, but alas, in politics you don't find good people but only opportunist. 

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How to be an explorer of the world

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Shut down computer

Loved it! Will do this in a moment.

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Zune HD

This looks pretty good. Slim and sleek.

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Alphabet killer

I shot the serif!

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ABN AMRO’s bad UI design.

Take your time and find the error message displayed in the two screen shots. These are from ABN AMRO bank.

It took me fifteen precious minutes before a friend letting me know what went wrong. He had in turn called the banks help desk. The help desk latter let him know where to look for elusive error messages.
This user interface design violates the most basic principal of design, which is principle of least astonishment . The error message is not getting displayed, where I am expecting it to appear and it is displayed on a colour strip that is a part of logo.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Thru Lens


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