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New books

New Books

  • தேவதைகளின் தேவதை! – தபு சங்கர்
  • சில நேரங்களில் சில அனுபவங்கள் – பாக்யம் ராமசுவாமி
  • CID சந்துரு – தேவன் 
  • How would you move mount Fuji – William Poundstone


Here are few works of Tabu Sankar.

The big question

A friend of mine asked, why do our government offices to have hindu gods being displayed on the walls? won’t this intimidate people of other beliefs?

Thamizh Puthandu Nal Vazthukal.

  1. Kalvi
  2. Arivu
  3. Aayul
  4. Aatral
  5. Ilamai
  6. Thunivu
  7. Perumai
  8. Pon
  9. Porul
  10. Pughzal
  11. Nilam
  12. Nanmakkal
  13. Nalloolukam
  14. Noyinmai
  15. Muyarchchi
  16. Vetri

Ennum 16 selvam petru peru vazhvu vazha…
eNanthu idhayam kanindha Thamizh Puthandu Nal Vazthukal

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What to explain?

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Kid : What are clouds made of?
Dad: They are made of water vapour, that was formed by heat of the sun…
Dad: Actually they are made of marshmallow, and when you are hungry you can eat them…

The above conversation is from the movie Project 2, that I saw yesterday and this has given raised a big question on what is the best way to explain things to children?

To my son (turned 4) who keeps asking a lot of questions, I have been answering them in actual scientific terms and now I think, was that necessary at all? What would have happened if had answered differently, like things which will make him go crazy?

What is best possible way to explain things to children, exact boring facts or imaginary stuff, please share your thoughts.

Edit :

I realize that, I haven’t made my self clear in the above post. So here is concise question that I have in mind.

Should we teach the children hard factual answers or give him/her a poetic answer?


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