Stefan Sagmeister’s list

Stefan Sagmeister’s list: Things I have learned in my life so far.

  • Complaining is silly. Either act or forget.
  • Thinking life will be better in the future is stupid. I have to live now.
  • Being not truthful works against me.
  • Helping other people helps me.
  • Organizing a charity group is surprisingly easy.
  • Everything I do always comes back to me.
  • Drugs feel great in the beginning and become a drag later on.
  • Over time I get used to everything and start taking it for granted.
  • Money does not make me happy.
  • Traveling alone is helpful for a new perspective on life.
  • Assuming is stifling.
  • Keeping a diary supports my personal development.
  • Trying to look good limits my life.
  • Worrying solves nothing.
  • Material luxuries are best enjoyed in small doses.
  • Having guts always works out for me.



8 Responses to “Stefan Sagmeister’s list”

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  8. 8 gp October 23, 2008 at 1:27 am

    brilliant list!

    //Traveling alone is helpful for a new perspective on life.// 🙂

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