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3M Approach

The following quotes symbolizes the 3M’s approach to managing people and company. The following are phrases from McKnight from 3M.

“Listen to anyone with an original idea, no matter how absurd it might sound at first”

“Encourage; don’t nitpick. Let people run with an idea”

“Hire good people, and leave them alone”

“If you put fences around people, you get sheep. Give people the room they need”

“Encourage experimental doodling”

“Give it a try-and quick!”

Quotes on creative thinking.

Vazhi Katti (by Thru Lens)

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Numerology crap catches on…

Deccan Chronicle reports that our honorable Muzrai minister, Krishnaiah Shetty, will be henceforth known as Esenkrisshnaiah Shetty. This name change is as per the advice given by an numerologist (idiot). The minister apperently fears that if he doesn’t change the name, he will loose his minister berth.

I was expecting more of this shit, after our CM changed his name to B.S. Yeddyurappa and got hold of CM chair. What else can one expect from this country where the astrology, numerology and other crap gets prime time slots in the media.

Hey, who knows these things may really work and if it does, I wish “Lehman brothers” and “AIG” change their names and save the world from certain doomsday scenario.


How many times, it happens.

That you want to say something but it is already said.
That you want to write something but it is already written.

420 Girl

420 Girl, originally uploaded by Thru Lens.

It’s time to post one really inane photo. I had never done this in past, but in this case I am happy break my self-censorship. 🙂

In my view, the guys who make these memorable quotes on auto,cars and buses need to get into Ad agency and give it a shot.


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