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Simple machines

What is the simple machine, that you use in daily life? I would like to go with ball point pen with push button.

Meanwhile photocopiers are said to be complex machine, an average person will use as it combines mechanical, electrical, chemical, optical, software and other technologies to be fully functional.

What is your simple and complex machines?


Why are there more pirated DVD/CD sellers than pirated book sellers?

Workplace Zen

I got this mail from a college. Now I am enlightened soul.

I just read this in some mail thread; helping someone with a problem “lends validity to my otherwise unproductive existence today”
Meanwhile, Wishing you all a colorful independence day.


Devathaikalin Devathai. Tabu Sankar

Yan Petra Inbum Ivvaiyagam Peravendum.

Here is a link to Tabu Sankars anthology Devathaikalin Devathai .

You will also love other works of Tabu Sankar.

Tabu Sankar Kavithai- Vizhierupu Vesai

Tabu Sankar Kavithai – Vetkam


Thru Lens


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