As they say a bad critique should make an artist skip only his breakfast. There are quite few bad critique on the movie Dasavatharam which may make Kamal to loose his lunch and dinner. Dasavatharam was an entertaining movie in parts and the bad makeup spoils the rest.

Cinema is a visual medium and the visuals are the ones that’s going to stick in viewers mind, not the hours spent to get the makeup done and logistics behind it.  Most of the makeup seemed imperfect and comes up as an eyesore. This spoils the fun.

I wonder why Himesh scored  the music, is it to get all Indian appeal or for the Avatar Singh? I badly miss Illayaraja here. Devi sri prasad’s background score is rash and doesn’t lead you into the movie. Screenplay of movie was good and dialogues were good too.

Finally, Kamal would have made a big difference if the heroine’s character had been etched more intellectual. I hate to see women being dumb. Finally less said about the scientific facts used in the movie, the better it is….


1 Response to “Dasavatharam”

  1. 1 kamal July 28, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    Vanity and over-confidence spoiled the fun, and there is hardly any character or personality out of those 8 ribber masks…though i liked the story of Rengarajan nambi, and the sense of humor of the andhra cop…the other thing i liked in this movie is the two songs, kallai mattum, and oh sanam.

    better luck next time, with Marma Yogi…Kamal…

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