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There is a new camera at home

There is a new camera at home. Here is a visual documentation of the camera.

Last week, I brought my very first photography book “The Photo Bookand I wonder why it took so much time to buy one. This book is not about techniques, tips and tricks but a collection of stunning, beautiful photographs. I brought this one to appreciate photography. Incidentally on  the same I brought this toy camera (comes with Jeeraga Mitai ) to my little son. With book and little camera and nothing much to do, I indulged in pop art and results are displayed below.

The only thing hate about photography books is that they are obscenely costly and I had to shell out a pricey sum for this book.

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Keep walking

Keep walking, originally uploaded by Thru Lens.

Keep walking, no matter what.

Coffee machines & Error messages

Coffee beans

There is a new coffee machine in the office and it looks like a space age gadget.  With the new coffee machine in place the trusted old coffee machine was abondend/retired for a short duration. The old coffee machine made a great come back by engineers popular demand. ( Is there a managements truth here? )

There is a reson why the old coffee machine was so popular among the engineers. It had pretty simple interface and most of all the error messages were clear. So everybody knew what to do when things go bad. For example when the container gets filled with the grounded beans, the old machine says

Empty the drawer

For the same condition the new coffee machine says

Ground beans full

The message “Empty the drawer” is simple and to the point. You have to empty the drawer to get the fresh cup of coffee again but the message “Ground beans full” is not direct and message is not clear and ambiguous. It is not asking the user to empty the drawer. I first thought that the grounded beans are full and I am going to get fresh cup of coffee now, only to wait for eternity.

We humans are designed to understand simple and directed message, I hope programmers/designers understand this and write/design more simple and direct error messages in future.



As they say a bad critique should make an artist skip only his breakfast. There are quite few bad critique on the movie Dasavatharam which may make Kamal to loose his lunch and dinner. Dasavatharam was an entertaining movie in parts and the bad makeup spoils the rest.

Cinema is a visual medium and the visuals are the ones that’s going to stick in viewers mind, not the hours spent to get the makeup done and logistics behind it.  Most of the makeup seemed imperfect and comes up as an eyesore. This spoils the fun.

I wonder why Himesh scored  the music, is it to get all Indian appeal or for the Avatar Singh? I badly miss Illayaraja here. Devi sri prasad’s background score is rash and doesn’t lead you into the movie. Screenplay of movie was good and dialogues were good too.

Finally, Kamal would have made a big difference if the heroine’s character had been etched more intellectual. I hate to see women being dumb. Finally less said about the scientific facts used in the movie, the better it is….


Flowers, originally uploaded by Thru Lens.


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