Window: Cropped

Another aesthetic window, shot at the street of Saint Le Giles in Pondicherry.

The camera cannot lie, but it can be an accessory to untruth.
-Harold Evans


The question of whether to compose or crop keeps lingering in my mind and now I have come to a conclusion that it really doesn’t matter. What matters is how one gets that great photograph but to some purist composition is all that matters and cropping is a sin.

Photography is all about seeing and to me it doesn’t stop once you release the shutter button. It continuous even after in your favorite image editor. The above photograph was not conceived as it is shown, I cropped and rotated the original to get the final product and to me it looks beautiful and I hope others too will feel the beauty in it. The original photograph had a little clutter to it, after reducing it to simpler form, it became even more beautiful. Crop and Rotate added a new dimension to otherwise dull photograph.

SEE your old photographs with a new eye and you may see the unseen.

Window, originally uploaded by Thru Lens.


5 Responses to “Window: Cropped”

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