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On Romming

To RAM is human, to ROM is divine

Post Intentionally Blank

I wanted to be a ..


This is a depressing post. That reminds me of what I wanted to be.

  • Physicist
  • Copywriter
  • Astronomer
  • Director
  • Screen play writer
  • Musician
  • Lecturer
  • Cinematographer
  • Humorist
  • Ad man
  • Artist
  • Cartoonist
  • Archaeologist
  • Historian
  • Architect
  • Designer
  • Writer
  • Biologist


    Vacuum Tubes : Good old days

    Today our latest chip is based on 65nm and in few years will see chips manufactured in 45nm technology.

    Photographed at Sri Vishweshwaraiah Museum Bangalore.

    Spam Gyan

    0001.jpg0002.jpgReal Men

    Motivational posters. Message courtesy spam mails

    The Rape of Cricket

    This is what exactly I felt and I am no Vinod Mehta to articulate it so nicely. Extract from Delhi dairies in Outlook by Vinod Mehta.

    Watching television is at the best of times a dangerous activity. Last week, however, I felt physically sick. The spectacle of international stars and our own icons being “sold” was a nauseating ordeal. It was both vulgar and tasteless as hundreds of crores were thrown around in the name of jazzing up cricket. Of course, people like me will be dismissed as old-fashioned purists refusing to come to terms with the natural evolution of the sport in the era of globalisation. We are told this is progress, this is what the public wants, this is post-modern club cricket poised to break the shackles of narrow nationalism. So, put up or shut up.
    Vulgarity, moreover, is a subjective response. After all, it can be argued that the ladies and gentlemen who “bought” the players were nothing more than shrewd businessmen. Thus, my righteous indignation is misplaced—and I should not forget, as so many “experts” point out, this crude bazaar is the “revolution” the game has been waiting for. Greed, as Gordon Gekko informed us, is “good”.

    I have no problem with the sale or even the offensive manner in which it was staged. My anger is directed at the BCCI which conceived, organised and presided over this prime-time rape of the game. The men who run the BCCI, past and present, have much to answer for, but president Sharad Pawar and his cronies are especially culpable. They must explain how this terminal perversion of the game is in the best interests of cricket. The richest board in the world must explain why it needs even more money—to do what? Certainly, not to promote the game across the country. Certainly, not to aid and abet other sports sorely strapped for cash. And can you imagine how a Baichung Bhutia or the Indian hockey team feels when they read about a crass Page 3 auction in which mind-boggling sums are squandered?

    The BCCI is a destructive body determined to kill cricket. If anyone is planning a coup d’etat against it, count me in. The present lot must be removed before they inflict further damage. Meanwhile, all cricket lovers must hope the IPL is a complete and total flop. And the people who conjured up this dreadful scheme are badly burned.

    Design & Happiness

    (img src :

    I get happiness when using the following the reason being way they are designed. The list is not in any particular order. These are things that popped up immediately.

    1. Linux shell (Bash)
    2. Apple iPod nano
    3. Nikon F75
    4. Launchy
    5. Fountain pen
    6. Google search
    7. Gtalk
    8. Spectacles
    9. Vim
    10. Blackboard and chalk

    Check out Stefan Sagmeister’s talk on Design and Happiness


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