On Realplayer

Some time ago we had discussion on why real player sucks so much. There were various points quoted. But the quote on IRC neatly sums our hour long discussion.

<mrm> i hate realplayer
<lummie> its good for cartoons
<mrm> yeah
<mrm> but it crawls deep into the anus of my computer
<mrm> and hides there eternally
<mrm> until i least expect it
<JtHM> your computer has an anus?!
<Fesh> realplayer installs it



5 Responses to “On Realplayer”

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  5. 5 gp December 15, 2007 at 11:50 pm

    if there has to be one worst app that screws ur pc by…yes installing an anus, it is the realplayer. the Yahoo suit, tool bar comes close second.

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