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Rare photographs of temples of tamilnadu

 Temples of enchanting tamilnadu

Here is a collection of some of the rare photographs of temples of enchanting tamilnadu. The photographs sheds light on people, dress, transport, religious practice at that time.

Enchanting tamilnadu. Rare photographs of temples in tamilnadu

Vizhierupu Vesai – Tabu Sankar Kavithai


Thudipadhai vidai
Unnai Ninaipadharkae
Neram seriyaka irrukirathu
En Idhayathirku…..

– Tabu Sankar

Thanks to Deepa, I am uploading one more work of Tabu Sankar. Enjoy!

Tabu Sankar Kavithai- Vizhierupu Vesai

Tabu Sankar Kavithai – Vetkam

Apple wireless keyboard

Another example for showcasing the Apple’s obsession with clean design. The keyboard has laser drilled holes and led blends with the aluminum.

Photo by Swmoortiger.

Here is another product with led, when it would have been better with out one. A bluetooth headset, the user is not going to look at it anyway. At times it blinks and makes others nearly blind.

What is your formula ?

Please check out the Edge’s question special.  What is your formula ?

Richard Dawkins formula.


And, finally my formula and kindly share your formulas here…

More code = More bugs

Like a fine pair of jeans..

Found these cute description at back of ipod nano. Only Apple can think of this. The new ipod nano is just beautiful!

Like a fine pair of jeans, the color of ipod may change over a period of time.

Going home!

Going home.

Bye Bye Sunnyvale…


Journey of an Apple

Currently in US on short term work assignment.

US exports apples. India imports apple. I carry some of them to US.

Apples from ‘India’ cannot get past US customs 🙂


Thru Lens


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