Interesting facts

  • The Australian aborigine language has over 30 words for “dust”
  • Founded in 1928, Motorola was a pioneer in car radios. It’s name was originally a combination of motor (for motor car) and ola (implying sound)
  • Te term bank teller originated during the 1929 stock market crash, when banks began hiring low-paid workers to tell throngs of frantic depositors that their money was gone
  • Hilton was first international hotel chain. It opened the Caribe Hilton in San Huan. Peuto Rico in 1949.
  • Nokia is named afetr a place in southern Finland. The company founded by Fredrik Idelstam in 1865 was established in Nokia as pulp mill for paper making.
  • Sony’s first Trinitron color TV got an Emmy award, the first for a product in early 1970s
  • The world’s three most powerful brand name are Google ($66 billion), GE ($62 billion) and Microsoft ($55 billion) according to Millward Brown, a market research firm
  • The time spent deleting spam costs United States business about $21.6 billion annually
  • The noun”sled” (sledge) originated from name of an 18th century mountaineer from Finland, Scheltz Linden frozen to death and whose body was used by his climbing partner to slide down a mountain during a winter Strom
  • Small business make up over an half (52 %) of US gross domestic products
  • With the increase in the sheer volume of internet traffic, the friction of electrons passing around the planet has increased the global temperature by 0.07 degree.

Source : Outlook Business


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  6. 6 Interesting Facts October 23, 2009 at 10:03 am

    wow great facts
    nice to read
    i love sony too
    thanks for sharing

  7. 7 gp September 22, 2007 at 2:50 am

    //Sony’s first Trinitron color TV got an Emmy award, the first for a product in early 1970s// – Trinitron shall remain one of the best CRT monitor innovations. Spend the whole time when I was a kid figuring the amazing name, then learning what is througout the years and see the technology licensed to other players.

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