Rama Setu. Intelligent design?

The Centre today withdrew from the Supreme Court its two affidavits, including the controversial one filed by the ASI claiming there was no historical or scientific evidence to establish existence of Lord Ram and Rama Setu as a man-made bridge. More

Why can’t the believers come and prove their point in court? Did they fear that they may loose the their stand and will get into a situation similar to the one happened for the supporters of intelligent design? Ramayana is just a mythology. To me the construction of bridge itself contradicts the nature of omnipotent Ram. Why did Ram need to get involved in building the bridge which would take enormous energy and time to construct rather just appearing on the other side of lanka or just wish Sita to appear beside him ?

The BJP and VHP should stop the nonsense that they have just raked and allow the mega project to continue. It is irony that BJP/VHP thinks that projects hurts the sentiments of Hindus but failed to realise that same happened for muslims when Babri masjid was destroyed.

But I would have loved to know what the wise heads at supreme court would have done if the case was not withdrawn?


2 Responses to “Rama Setu. Intelligent design?”

  1. 1 Ankur September 14, 2007 at 8:34 pm

    read about how Jeulus Caesar .. and how his bridge over rhine.. constructed in 10 days.. scared the Goths into submission.

  2. 2 gp September 14, 2007 at 5:25 pm

    In a way, the ID Vs Evolution did not appear to make headlines in most Asian nations…developing world. But reading this tells me something else. While the people in America wont atleast carry guns when decided ID or Evolution, I cant imagine what will happen in politically and religiously charged countries.

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