Woes with Airtel continues…

My woes with Airtel continues. The customer support engineer tells me that there is no way I can get in touch with real person. I have to come through the “system” meaning that I have spend mandatory  30 minutes in vain to speak to person. I hate these stupid design and people who designed such a “system”.

It is interesting to note that the Airtel auto reply email comes to me after three hour and thirty minutes. Interesting! Comments to my previous post on their customer service will make humorous reading.

Airtel customer service


7 Responses to “Woes with Airtel continues…”

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  7. 7 gp September 13, 2007 at 3:34 am

    what can we do…i can practically remember what song each service provider gonna play over here. today i went to the service center…i still had to wait an hour holding a piece of paper with numbers.

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