User friendly design of ATM

The waiting time at ATM just keeps increasing as number of people who start using the ATM increases. Every time I find many of them spend time near the ATM because they are clueless how to use the interface.

Even though the user interface is local language, it doesn’t help the users. Most likely the first timers may be under the spell of technology phobia. For them the relation between menus and buttons is not obvious. Many of them are not aware of touch screen.

To them what is required is a simple user manual to be put outside the ATM center so they can get rid of their fear.

A good is offers least amount of surprise. Can ATM user interface made be meaningful for the common man?


1 Response to “User friendly design of ATM”

  1. 1 gp August 9, 2007 at 4:00 pm

    the atm has both touch and button function right. So here when they realized the masses dont know or dont use the touch screen tingy…they just disabled it!!!

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