Best programmer

July 4th, it is independence time.

Watching the Independence day made a riot of laughter on that day! The hero writes/creates a virus that infects the alien computers. Beautiful. I wonder how he knew the machine architecture, operating systems another other mundane information about the alien computers. This is one amazing piece of artistic liberty.

Meanwhile, I here people are uneasy to believe the logic in Rajini’s Shivaji!


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  1. 1 gp July 11, 2007 at 12:07 am

    I see we followed similar timelines that day bro. I went to the restaurant to eat and waited till the movie ends. This one movie full of sfx masala and i still love it just dont know why. The difference between Michael Bay disaster movies and Zemeckis mega movies are that Zemeckis takes time to study the human relations and possible feebacks rather than Bay who just uses the weakest points in human emotions to explode something. ID4 was a ground breaking movie because it encompased a larger world, while movies like Transfomers are locked into a smaller circle.

    And the question remains, today alot more people realize the artistic liberty, a lot said after a few viewings ‘how the f$%^ did he inflict a virus into an alien pc’ but the movie makers doesnt give damn about it. 😀

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