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Yin & Yang at bookstore!

In a local book store, I found that Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter to placed under the fiction section.

I also found that God Delusion by Richard Dawkins to place placed along the illustrated Bible under the New and Noteworthy section.

At last, I bought a copy of God Delusion…


Programmer : Deadline pera kettela adhrudha illae ?

Manager : Theriudhale, pinna enda atha thirumba thirumba sollitu irukae!

Disclaimer : Nothing relating to current state of work affairs.

Is Kalaingar is same as Laloo?

In response to last week’s Outlook magazine ran an southern uprising a reader Nafay Kumail from New Delhi says that Karunanidhi is similar to Laloo and Mulayam. This brings about the prejudice that north has for south. All politicians are the same (opportunist) , but looking at other dimensions of Kalaingar’s personality (literature, cinema, poetry, journalism, humor) he is way beyond comparison to Laloo and Mulayam.



Who are those who shop for products paraded in teleshopping and where do they come from?

I suspect any body with even a pea-nut sized brain will avoid buying any thing from them. I wonder how these guys make money? If any body felt cheated after buying product from them, law can help you.

I am thinking of few products which I can market on tele shopping. All I need a dude and a blonde and bunch of jokers. I have a gadget, that will increase the oxygen levels in the living room,  make your electric bulbs more luminous,prevent you from getting cancer from your mobile phones, make your television more eco friendly by cutting out harmful radiation, save your electricity bills, make you loose weight, make you more beautiful, make you more intelligent …

All I need is a VC to fund the advertising session.

Steps to fill IT returns online (in case you are doing it yourself).

July 31st is the last date to file the IT Returns for the assessment year. You can file it online as which is free of cost and it only takes 15 minutes of your time

  1. Go to
  2. Register yourself with your PAN no as your login ID.
  3. Download the software of that form (its nothing but PDF file). Same form is attached. You require adobe acrobat reader 7 and above. (Filling the form can be done offline also. Only the xml file is required for filing the returns. )
  4. Fill it. Have your Form 16 along side you. It has all the information required. And have your check book also because you will need bank details also.
  5. At the bottom of the PDF there are 4 buttons Print, Check Form, Generate Bar Code, and Export to xml .After fill click on Check form and then click on Generate bar code. Finally click on Export to xml.
  6. This will generate an xml file. Save it. (Ensure the file name has no special char or space).
  7. Now login to the site there is option to “Submit returns”.
  8. Upload the xml file. You will get an acknowledgement form link “ITR-V”. Download this and save it for reference.
  9. That’s it.

This email arrived late for me 😦

Disclaimer : I haven’t verified this stuff. Yet another email forward

Think ‘Ulta’

At last some common sense in packaging. Cadbury comes with Ulta Perk which contains wafers on top and chocolate inside compared to chocolate on top and wafer inside. A clean design, no more mess. Kids can now hold the perk without bothering about the melting chocolate. Less laundary for mother! Patentable stuff.

Surprise, just by going reverse, we are getting many benefits!

Math phobia


People have math phobia because they have to comprehend theorem like the one below.

Banach-Tarsko Theorem Paradox

A solid ball may be separated into a finite number of pieces and reassembled in such a way as to create two solid balls, each identical in shape and volume to the original.

Now, think of having spherical currency in circulation. That would be Sweet!


Thru Lens


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