Humor in Science


One night Georges Cuvier was visited by the devil. One of his students dressed up with horns on his head and shoes shaped like cloven hooves. This frightening apparation burst into Cuvier’s bedroom when he was fast asleep and claimed:

“Wake up thou man of catastrophes. I am the devil. I have come to devour you!”

Cuvier studied the apparation carefully and critically said, “I doubt whether you can. You have horns and hooves. You eat only plants.”

I don’t like electrons; they’ve always had a negative influence on society. (Chris Lipe)

Most prime numbers are even. Proof: pick up any math text and look for a prime number. The first one you find will probably be even.1

“The number you have dialed is imaginary.
Please rotate your phone 90 degrees and try again.”

Man did not originate not from monkey, but from two monkeys…



7 Responses to “Humor in Science”

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