How to make better choices.



This week’s New Scientist gives tips to make better choices.

  1. Don’t fear the consequences
  2. Go with your gut instincts
  3. Consider your emotions
  4. Play the devil’s advocate
  5. Keep your eye on  the ball
  6. Don’t cry over spilt milk
  7. Look at it another way
  8. Beware social pressure
  9. Limit your options
  10. Have someone else choose

Quotes from the article:

“Whatever the future holds it will hurt or please you less than you imagine”

“Searching for evidence that could prove you wrong is a painful process”

“The more we invest in something the more committed we feel to it”

“If you find everyone in your group agreeing, play the contrarian”



1 Response to “How to make better choices.”

  1. 1 gp May 10, 2007 at 9:16 pm

    so true…the irony of it all, the more we fight, the more we get tired. :p

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