Collective nouns



Acupuncturists/accupressurists: a pain of, a pincushion of, a poke of
Alien abductees: a delusion of, a conspiracy of
Applicants for the JREF Prize: a vacancy of, a lack of
Applied kinesiologists: a weakness of
Aromatherapists: a mist of, a whiff of
Chiropractors: a crack of, a knot of, a manipulation of, a quack of
Creation Scientists: a notion of, a fantasy of
Crop circlers: a spin of
Cryptozoologists: a crock of, a howl of
Diviners/dowsers: a profane of, a puddle of, a delusion of, a failure of, a tremor of, a dupe of, a drought of, a spring of, a stream of, a stick of, a dry of, a desert of,
Faith healers: a frequency of, an offering of
Homeopaths: a dilution of, a quack of
Intelligent Design supporters: an IDiot of
Iridologists: a blink of, a blur of
Magnet enthusiasts/magnetic-therapy healers: a placebo of, an attraction of
Mediums: a fraud of, a rare of
Numerologists: a remainder of
Parapsychologists: a chimera of, a confusion of
People who find Jesus, Mary or Elvis on a wall, refrigerator or tortilla: a raw shock of (get it?)
Prophets: a loss of
Psychic photographers: an exposure of
Psychic surgeons: a quack of, an operation of
Psychics: a guess of
Reflexologists: a foot of
Rune stone readers: a pile of
Scientologists: a lawsuit of, a contract of
Skeptics: a doubt of, a qualm of, an input of
Spoonbenders: a drawer of
Talkers-to-the-dead: a garble of, a Schwartz of
Tarot card readers: a deck of, a shuffle of
Telepaths: a notion of
UFO abductees/believers: an invasion of, a saucer of

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