ID and Hindusim



Why is that only Christians are into Intelligent design theory ? Why do they need it so badly? Why people from other religion are starting a movement similar to ID?

Being born as Hindu, I don’t even know about creationism under the Hindu context. No one taught me about creationism. Neither my parents nor the school was interested in me believing the world being formed in some way.

Things changed when joined in a school run by SDA (Seventh Day Adventist). They taught about creationism and it was expected of me believe it. Which I never did. Yes, I was told that Satan hid all the fossils of dinosaur in earth to confuse me and doubt the very act of God. If do that I have sinned and fallen in the trap laid by Satan! We had some fun at the teacher’s expense by asking silly questions like this one.

How did human population grow, when all we had was Adam, Eve, Able and Cain ?

Why is creation not taken seriously by Hindus ? Expect some one who is in the spell of cult like one here. [Read and have a great laugh!] Is creationism not a hot topic for Hindus ? What is that, which makes creationism to be ignored ? On the other hand why Christians are trying so hard in making Intelligent Design a Science. As recent report in New Scientist points that they are setting up research institute to make ID a legitimate Science. I find examples taken to prove that ID is science, utterly foolish one.



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