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What we call the news!


What we call the news!


Pictures of LHC


We are like children waiting for Christmas. – JoAnne Hewett

Compact muon Solenoid.

Compact Muon Solenodi

The biggest detector Atlas.


Pictures of LHC (Large Hadron Collider) near Geneva, Switzerland. It will smash protons with seven times energy and hundred times the rate of the top collider to date, the Tevatron at Fermilab Chicago.

LHC will probe the interactions of the particles down to the unprecendented scale of 10-17 centimeters, which is roughly the size of universe a trillionth of second after the big bang, when the fundamental forces of nature were born.

Credits : Original photographs by Maximillier Brice / CERN. Davide Castelvechi in New Scientist.


It is beautiful when things just work


This is pretty old ad for Honda Accord. More info on how the video was shot can be found here.


Team lead or an individual contributor ?


Why is that most of the Indian engineers (read software) with five or more years of experience want to lead a team and are not interested to be an individual contributor (IC) ? Why is that being an IC such a sin? What is that it makes team lead position more attractive than IC ? Is it money , ego or some thing else ?

I am trying to get an answer to this riddle, if you have any clues or answer please leave a comment.


Past & Present


More weired ones at Techno Tuesday


Kinley water bottle. Stupid design.


Today is world water day

Got used to drinking mineral water at work (At home it is still the plain well water) and found something interesting in the way water is packed. Pepsi’s Acquafina water bottle are not filled to the brim, it is easy to open the cap. This is not the case with Coco-Cola’s Kinley brand. The water is filled to the brim and it is impossible to remove the cap without spilling water. The decision to fill the Kinley’s bottle to brim looks foolish to me.

Another observation is that Acquafina tastes really sweet and Kinley lacks the sweetness, wonder were the sweetness of water comes from in the case of Pepsi?


Score Kya Hai?


Reliance mobile features a service in which the subscriber can hear the score in Sachin’s voice. Why would anybody want to hear score on his voice ? Sachin can sell a product, provided he doesn’t open his mouth. Once he starts speaking the entire ad turns out be comical. Given this I wonder why would Reliance launch such a service in the first place.

To me India is not worthy enough to be second round. All the hype on the Indian team turns just hot air. I think it is pretty tough to beat Sri Lankans, they are not Bermuda.

Meanwhile, Female Soothsayers of north are pretty beautiful, modern and very fluent in English than their counterparts in south. They deal only with Tarrot cards and not on parrots, lucky stones.



Thru Lens

Not in my name

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