Airtel’s customer support service



Getting to speak to a customer support service engineer in Airtel is real pain. Why don’t Airtel implement simple to use telephone customer service ?

I propose them the following simple decision tree.

When customer calls the support number, please provide him/her two choices; either he/she can choose to speak to person or the dumb machine.

Instead of this simple decision, I need to navigate those annoying recursive menus. There is no one menu which leads me to person. I really don’t know how I was able to speak to a person after spending thrity minutes on the phone. The funny part was, the support person is unable to tell me a way to reach her directly, according to her if I wish to talk to a person, I have to go through this enourmous pain.

What could have been a simple solution, is made overly complex by the designers. If I wanted to really express myself of the pain I experienced, then I should be really yelling bad words at them…

Now have some fun…


“Please hold… We’re going for record on how long customers will wait”


Your call is important to us, but not important enough for us to hire additional staff to talk to you”

Customer service

Please listen carefully, as our menu makes no sense”
Source: HBR



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