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The Constant Gardner



The movie The Constant Gardner showcased in HBO was a treat to watch. This had an excellent direction, cinematography and editing. There are no steadycam at places and the jerky motion of the camera along with different views builds tension.

Cinema is a visual medium and this movie pays tribute to it. One has watch the movie to fell the difference. At places the directors shows less to show more.


National science day.



Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science. ~Edwin Powell Hubble, The Nature of Science, 1954

Today is the National Science Day. It is on this day, to celebrate the C.V.Raman’s discovery of Raman Effect in the year 1928. After two years he was awarded Nobel prize for physics.

On this day let us try to put an end to all pseudo science, cargo cult science and other crap that exist. Two incident from today tell that we are still living in dark ages. It was surprise to see that it is extremely difficult for a rational person to argue that the movie The Secret is just plain crap. The guy who featured in the movie says that it is science and it is known by the name PshycoNeuroImmuninology now what ever that may mean. He was supposed to be completely cured of cancer, just visualizing it being cured. I haven’t seen the movie, but two minute trailer tells me that it is all dud. By the way the secret costs as little as $25. They price it low, that people do not think twice before falling into their trap. It is small amount any way.

The second incident is about the spam mail, that I received today,this mail is about the deadly spider called Telamonia dimidiata. You can see about the chain mail here. You find all about other spams at

What is really surprising people are not thinking logically, they do not want to think. One can verify almost anything via Google. Why don’t use Google to stop spam, if you just received a mail that looks like spam, search for it Google, before you hit those forward button. It takes less that 0.000003 second for Google to tell you that you have been spammed!

Take a oath to lead more rational life from today. That is what India and the World needs now.





ASCII art!


What if SUN Network takes over Hindu ?


There is this exclusive speculation that going rounds that says Sun network is eyeing for a stake  at Hindu. Exclusive news from Churumuri

What if this news is actually true ?

Well Sun’s Tamil paper Dinakaran just turns out to be the one with maximum number of circulation according to recent ABC survey. This may give lot of confidence to Sun to add lot of freebies to be distributed with Hindu to prevent people migrating to other papers like Indian Express or Deccan Chronicle. In the initial days, there will be no need for me buy my toiletries, I will get free shampoo, soaps etc. Then one can see full blown posters heroins and other masala photos for the very first time in Hindu. This will turn Hindu to be Times of India of  south with little bit of Tamil touch, meaning we will not see pencil thin models, but ones who are really healthy.

Kalaingar may actually start writing his letters in English. That’s one thing people want to read definitely.






Photographed at Hoganakkal.


What numbers means..



No, it is not about that unlucky number that numerologist use to scare the gullible people. It is about some math trivia. Check out this link for interesting information about each number.

    This is treasure for numerologist, they can scare the hell out of people who consult them and reap rich rewards.


    Vetkam. Tabus Sankar’s kavithai


    Tabu Sankar

    Here is the collection of Tabu Sankar’s kavithai that I promised will post in this blog a while back. It is difficult to be, not drowned in emotions that Tabu Sankar brings in his verse. It is pretty difficult!

    I got hold of this ebook from long time ago. Long before the big bubble bust….

    Tabu Sankar’s Kavithai



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