Useless facts


  • You have around 5 million hair follicles which is on par with other primates
  • The number of head hairs varies with natural hair colour. Blondes have around 1,40,000 brunettes 1,05,000 and readheads a paltry 90,000
  • Left uncut, the average persons hair would grow to waits length in about 4 month
  • The first blondes appeared only around 11,000 years ago
  • Almost 90 percent of the hair on your scalp is growing at any moment
  • You lose between 50 to 100 head hairs a day


“One thing I’ve used on the google is to pull up maps. I kind of like to look at the ranch”
George W. Bush on his love of Google Maps

“People tend to have urges to procreate in times of extreme situation”
The head of south korea’s institute for sex and education. Serong Gyeong Won, explaining why condom sales have rocketed following the North Korea’s nuclear test.

(Via : NewScientist)



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