Torous & Samples


While reading some facts, you realize why I did not think about it early. It is one of those Ah-Aha moments. Two peice of infomration belonging to this category.


Vedio games and Topology
The surface of a torus is topological space found in most of vedio games, where a vechicle (for example) goes off the right hand side of the screen only to reappear on the left, or off the top only to appear on the bottom.

The second one is what I always belived to be true and knew about.

Bias in news call in polls.
Many news program have call in polls. The results are usually showed later in the program. This typw of data collection is very inreliable because the information is coming from a biased sample. People who watch or listen to the news make only the small percentage of the population or that group. Only an even smaller percentage of people will call to offer their opinion and those who call more are likely to disagree with the question because people with strong feelings against an issue are likely to respond.



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