Geeks in Tamil cinema


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Few geeks/nerds that I could recollect from Tamil cinema.

  1. Annan Goundamani for his typing skills in Kadalar Dinam
  2. Director Kathir for telling us how emails are sent across internet and get us familiarlize with IM and email.
  3. The nameless secretary in Ramana who tells the query on database will take 5 minutes. phew..
  4. Aravind swamy gazing at command line in Roja
  5. Aravind swamy again doing a mission impossible in …
  6. Kamal Hassan using a photoshop filters in Anbae Sivam
  7. Countless others who stare at the oldest monitors in movies and serials…



3 Responses to “Geeks in Tamil cinema”

  1. 1 RAJINIKANTH NEXT FILIM - CLICK FOR MORE DETAIL October 29, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    shocking news it was to hear from the closer sources? Really, this is turning to be the worst amongst all of affairs. Prabhu Deva, father of three children (Recently one passed away) is in love with Nayanthara, the leading actress. That sounds quite absurd but you’ve got to believe. Although it was earlier considered to be rumors, certain channels of outside Tamil Nadu have confirmed it. And of course, tomorrow morning you’ll find this one on the headlines of all newspapers.

    Sources have again revealed that concern has been shown from both of the sides and soon divorce will be done between bonded relationships.

    Now Prabhu Deva has fled to unknown place stating that he has some works on Hindi project. Meanwhile Nayan too is missing in town and seems to have gone for abroad. This has evoked yet more on this issue.

  2. 2 Karthi January 2, 2007 at 6:08 pm

    There is no serious portrayal of technology in tamil cinema. The only high tech gadget that is being seeing those big mobile phones (closeup shots!) in the hands of women/men/children in mega serials.

  3. 3 gp December 29, 2006 at 9:47 am

    hemmm…wish there was a serious portrayal but there never was a technothriller tamil movie rite?!

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