Math Quotes


Mathematical Induction proves that we can climb as high as we like on a ladder, by proving that we can climb onto the bottom rung (the basis) and that from each rung we can climb up to next one (the induction)

What is proof ? Well proof is one half of one percent pure alcohol.

It seems a lot of stuff is attributes to Gauss. Either he was really smart or he had a great press agent. May be hust a magnetic personality

Actually Gauss is often called the greatest of all time. So it’s nice to be able to understand at least one of his discoveries.

Math Graffiti :

  • Kilroy wan’t Haar
  • Free the group
  • Nuke the kernel
  • Power to the n
  • N=1 => P=NP
  • Calculus has it’s limit
  • Math isn’t just another four letter word *!@#
  • Natural numbers are better for your health
  • Logic lives
  • Decimals have their points
  • Thou shalt not divide by zero
  • Geometers are spatial people
  • General Math is a commanding subject
  • Hip. Hip. Array!

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