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Tip for productivity!


I overheard my father saying this tip to my mother. There is one clean way to improve the productivity at home. All that is needed is the channels should start telecasting their mega serials at early morning say from 4:00 am. Rest falls in place automatically.

I can’t tolerate people chanting Bharathi’s Acham illai song in  the background, when all the lead characters are crying, sobbing …

Project’s success

A software project success depends on many factors. Steve McConnel interprets them in relation to Maslow’s human need. The project should satisfy these heirarchial needs if it need to excel. Most of the time the team members have no clue on were the project is heading and this gives rise to rumour and sick feeling spreads faster than common cold.

5. Self Actualization – Ongoing professional development

4. Self Esteem – Feeling productive, belief in project’s importance, important contribution, recognition

3. Belongingness and Love – Healthy team dynamics, trust

2. Saftey needs – Meeting personal promises for schedule and functionality

1. Survival needs – Project not canceled, team not fired, adequate physical working conditions and so on….



A man finds himself on top of the castle, chased by enemies. He needs to escape before they find him. He finds a rope which is just half the height of the castle. Can he make it to the ground without getting injured?

Between tongue and teeth

I wonder how do the tongue and teet synchronize their movements? What kind of feed back mechanism exist between them, so that teeth don’t step on the fleshy tongue ? This I am thinking after I bit my tongue Ouch…

Dental emergency tips!

Bits, Bytes and more

Ever wonder what all those kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes
do?   Here’s something you might find interesting…

1 bit: a 0 or a 1
8 bits: a byte (can store 256 different values)
16 bits: the instruction size of a Super Nintendo
32 bits: the instruction size of the Pentium chip you’re using right now

Now here’s where it REALLY takes off…

10**2 bits: a hectobit (100 bits)
– For example, the key size for some encryption algorithms these days

10**3 bits: a kilobit (1,000 bits)
– For example, the size of the magnetic stripe on your credit card
– 1/75 of a second of one channel of audio

10**4 bits: (10,000 bits)
– one page of typewritten text

10**5 bits: the size of a short-to-medium newspaper article

10**6 bits: a megabit
– a one-page black and white fax
– one frame of a DVD (about 1/30 of a second)
10**7 bits:
– the size of a screenfull of data on a medium-resolution monitor
– a single 3.5″ floppy disk (remember those?)

10**8 bits:
– amount of data in a large foldout map
– amount of data in a 5-minute, CD-quality recording
– amount of data your eyes can digest in a single glance

10**9 bits: a gigabit
– the capacity of a regular audio CD

1o**10 bits: the capacity of a single-sided DVD

10**11 bits: the capacity of a Blu-ray (high-def) DVD

10**12 bits: a terabit
– A medium sized hard drive these days
– the amount of space needed to store the largest number of digits of
pi ever recorded (1.24 trillion)

10**13 bits: possibly the capacity of your functional memory

10**14 bits: the size of the Library of Congress in digital form

10**15 bits: a petabit
– The size of the Internet Archive (an organization that tries to
maintain an archive of the Internet)

10**16 bits: the amount of hard drive space that Google uses

10**17 bits: the size of the memory of the robot, Data, in Star Trek:
800,000,000,000,000,000 bits

10**18 bits: an exabit
– The amount of all printed material in the world

Putting it all in perspective…

10**22 bits: the amount of data stored in 1 gram of your DNA.
Though this submission from Dan McCarty isn’t a joke, it does make you think:

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