More wise cracks

Extracts from Steve magurie’s Writing Solid Code.


  • You don not save time by fixing bugs late in the product cycle. In fact you lose time because it is often harder to fix bugs in the code you wrote a year ago than in the code you wrote days ago.
  • Fixing bugs “as you go” provide damage control because the earlier you learn of your mistakes, the less likely you are to repeat the mistakes
  • Bugs are form of negative feedback that keeps tast but sloppy programmers in check.If you do not allow programmers to work on new feature untill they have fixed all their bugs, you prevent sloppy programmers from spreading half implemented features throughout the product. They are busy fixing bugs, if you allow programmers to ignore their bugs, you loose that regulation
  • By keeping the bug count near zero, you have a much easier time predicting when you will finish the product. Instead of trying to guess how long it will take to finish how long it will take to finish the features. Even better you are often in a position to drop the unfinished feature and ship what you have.

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