Classic mistakes in product development




Classic mistakes that one should avoid while developing a product.

  1. Requirements gold plating.
    One should not have more requirements than needed. Right from the beginning of the project emphasis is laid on performance and it is stated as a requirement this leads to unnecessary delay in software schedule. Users tend to be less interested in complex feature than marketing and developers are, and complex feature add disproportionately to development schedule.
  2. Feature creep
    In general projects experience 25% change in requirements over its life time. Such changes produce at least 25% addition to the schedule. This is assuming that you are not following the gold plating at requirements phase.
  3. Developer gold plating
    Generally developers are fascinated by new technology and are sometimes anxious to try out new features of their language or environment or create their own implementation of a slick feature that they stumbled upon. The efforts required to design, implement, test, document and support features that are not required lengthens the schedule.
  4. Push me – pull me negotiation
    The bizarre negotiation ploy occurs when a manager approves a schedule slip on project that is progressing slower than expected and then adds completely new tasks after the schedule change. Then this happens in cyclic fashion
  5. Research oriented development
    Seymour Cray, the designer of Cray super computer, says that the does not attempt to exceed engineering limits in more than two areas at a time because the risks of failure are too high. The lesson is having no more than new variable in development of a product.

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