Team Structure

Team structure

What can poor team structure do?


The poor team can increase the development time, reduce quality, damage morale, increase turnover, and ultimately lead to project cancellation.


There are three objectives according to Larson and LaFasto (1989) for having a good team structure.

  1. Problem resolution
  2. Creativity
  3. Tactical execution

Problem resolution team focuses on solving a complex, poorly defined problem. The team members need to be trustworthy, intelligent and pragmatic.

Creative team explores possibilities and alternatives. The creative team member need to be self motivated, independent, creative and persistent.

Tactical execution team focuses on carrying out a well defined plan. The team is characterized by having highly focused tasks and clearly defined roles. Success criteria tend to be black and white, so it is easy to tell whether the team succeeds or fails. They also need to have a sense of urgency about the mission, be more interested in action than esoteric intellectualizing and be loyal to the team.

From Steve McConnel’s Rapid Development


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