Hygine factors

From Rapid Development: Here are the must have hygiene factors for software development. But suits for any other work also. 

  1. Appropriate lighting, heating and air conditioning
  2. Adequate desk and shelf space
  3. Enough quiet to allow concentration (including the ability to turn off the telephone)
  4. Access to office equipment such as a photocopy machines and fax machines
  5. Readily available office supplies
  6. Unrestricted access to office computers
  7. Up to date computing equipment
  8. Immediate or near immediate repair of broken computer equipment
  9. Up to date communication support (including email, individual telephones, voice mail and easy access to well equipped conference rooms)
  10. Applicable software tools ( word processors, design tools, programmers editor, compilers, code libraries, debugging aids and so on)
  11. Applicable hardware
  12. Auxiliary reference books and on-line reference aids
  13. At least minimal training in a new computer software tools and methodologies
  14. Legal copies of all software used
  15. Freedom to select work hours, both generally and specifically

Also, free soda, coffee, short meetings must be in the list!  How about your work place, do you have all these amenities and much more? Leave a comment on what you think is important?


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