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Feynman’s Haiku

After a short haitus…. 

Feynman whose dairy used to contain the phone numbers of women he also had written this peice of haiku on his view of mass.



You can’t say A is made of B

Or vice versa

All mass is interaction.

Hello world!

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Madurai and Sanga Kaala tamil kavithai


The top half of photograph is from an unknown source. The bottom half is from Sathiyan. More of his photos can be found here and on his blog.Henk has very good collection of photographs from Madurai. You can check out of his collection at his pbase site.

Now for some mythology and beautiful tamil poetry.

Lord Shiva performed “Thiruvilayadals” for poets who prayed to him for succour.  Once the Pandiyan king had a doubt as to whether the scent from a woman’s hair was natural or artificial. He announced a price of 1000 gold coins for anyone who clear his doubt. A poor poet named Tharumi prayed to Lord Shiva to make him get the award.

The Lord gave a poem to the poet and asked him to take it to the King. When this poem was read in the court, Poet Nakkeerar found fault with it and stopped the giving od the prize. Alas! Tharumi’s grief grew and he again appealed to the Lord. He said he was not for not receiving the prize but he could not bear anyone finding fault with the Lord’s poems. Thereupon, Lord Shiva himself came to the court and challenged Nakkeerar. But Nakkeerar could not be cowed down.

Though the divine poet asked him if the hair of Ganapoongodai,the consort of Lord Kalathinathar,whom Nakkeerar worshipped ,did not have the natural scent,the undaunted Nakkeerar asserted that it was so. 

Suddenly the Lord opened the eye in his forehead (Netrikkan)  which emitted fire and looked at Nakkeerar to show the poet who he was. Even then, Nakkeerar persisted in his statement. As he could not bear the scorching heat, emanating from the divine eye he jumped into the water of the Golden Lotus Tank. Then at the request of the other poets, the Lord took Nakkeerar out of the tank, forgave him and made him study under ‘Agasthiar’, the tamil Sage. 


konkutêr vâlkkai yañcirait tumpi
kâmañ ceppâtu kaNTatu molimô
payiliyatu kelîiya naTpin mayiliyar
ceriyeyir rarivai kûntalin
nariyavum uLavônî yariyum pûvê
Beautiful-winged bee
whose life is passed in search of honey
don’t speak to me of desire
but tell me what you really saw:
Could even the flowers that you know
be as full of fragrance
as the hair of the woman
with the even set of teeth and the peacock nature,
to whom long affection binds me? (From )

Now one more couplet form pudhu kavithai by Tabu Sankar.

Kundhalil poovin vasam vesum, Theriyum
Indha poovilo un kundhalin vasamallava vesugirathu!
-Tabu Sankar

Software Design Process

Various stages in software design process.

Problem analysis – Understanding the nature of the problem to be solved
Requirements definition – Specifying exactly what the progrom must do
High and Low level design – Recording how program meets the requirements, from the “big picture” overview to the detailed design
Implementation of the design – Coding a program in a computer language
Testing and verification – Detecting and ifxing errors and demonstrating the correctness of the program
Delivery – Turning over the tested program to the customer or user
Operation – Actually using the program
Maintenance – Making changs to fix operational errors and to add or modify functions of the program



Instances from history show that people tried to change/alter the mood, cure diseases by passing electric current through ones head. Now it is looked as viable option by main stream science. Not too far away are those days where we flip the switch and experience new things!

48 BC Scribonius Largus, court physician to Roman emperor Claudius, recommends curing headaches by placing an electric torpedo fish on the scalp. Pliny the Elder and Claudius Galen later report that similar treatment alters mood and behavior.

11 C AD Muslim physician Ibn-Sidah suggests treating epilepsy with a live electric cat fish on the forehead.1804 AD Giovanni Aldini, the nephew of Luigi Galvani, treats melancholic patients with direct currents to the head. He tests it himself and reports that it caused insomnia.

1938 AD Neurologist Ugo Cerletti of University of Rome La Sapienza develops electro convulsive therapy to subdue difficult or violent mental patients; ECT is still used to treat sever mental illness, typically with a current of about 0.9 amps.

1985 AD Anthony Barker of University of Sheffield, UK invents transcranial magnetic stimulation. Read paper.

Extracts from Bijal Trivedi’s article in New Scientist

Academic Courtesies – Puzzle

In a certain mixed school, where a special feature was made of the inculcation of good manners, they had a curious rule on assembling every morning. There were twice as many girls as boys. Ebery girl made a bow to every other girl, to every boy and to the teacher. Every boy made a bow to every other boy, to every girl, and to the teacher. In all there were nine hundred bows made in that model academy every morning. Now, can you say exactly how many boyd there were in the school?

If you are not careful, you are likely to get a good deal out in your calculation.

Chicken soup Ads

Sometimes the advertisment offer more than a what self-help/chicken soup books can offer. These are two ads that inspired me a lot in recent times.

Mediocrity is a sin is the tag for Alfa Romeo 159 sportwagon

Not taking risks is risky for BMW


Thru Lens


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