It may be true, after all!

“The flapping of a single butterfly’s wing today produces a tiny change in the state of the atmosphere. Over a period of time, what the atmosphere actually does diverges from what it would have done. So, in a month’s time, a tornado that would have devastated the Indonesian coast doesn’t happen. Or maybe one that wasn’t going to happen does.”
(Ian Stewart, Does God Play Dice? The Mathematics of Chaos, pg. 141)

So it may be true after all!

The so called bunch of Mudhal Vignyani (first scientist) in the field name-o-logy, numerology, astrology like Dr Lakshmi Jayaswaroopa and others may be honest after all. If they are smart enough they can take shade under the chaos theory and explain to humans about the evils planets revolutions as it can affect the gravitation field of a person and the resulting minor change is all that is required for one to die in an accident ( by loosing balance you err!)

The help is at hand again thanks to chaos theory. Now if changes the name and pronounce differently as explained/advised from Dr Lakshmi Jayaswaroopa, then the vortex of air (due to new pronunciation) may counter act against the effect of planets pull and prevent you from the certain death.

My theory is in seed form, I need to enhance it so that it answers all the skeptics’ questions on numerology and other occult science. I need time for that!

3 Responses to “It may be true, after all!”

  1. 1 gp July 23, 2006 at 7:51 pm

    now that is a thought!!!

  2. 2 S.Karthikeyan July 21, 2006 at 3:10 pm

    Rightly said.

    Think of what will happen if all so called conmen get hold of Chaos theory text book?

  3. 3 gp July 21, 2006 at 2:28 pm

    hemm…its only a probability of a change could happen rather than it would definitly happen. Same as the quatum probability. What actually prevents the butterfly flap from turning into a hurricane is that the energy is actually lost as friction etc.

    Chaos theory in its essense describes organized systems that undergoes changes to enter another organized state. it explores what happen in between that.

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