Human Upgrade!


Five existing or experimental therapies hold the prospect for human enhancements.

  1. DNA
    The power to insert new genes into various parts of the adult body and perhaps someday also in gametes and embryos.
  2. DRUGS
    The power to enhance physical performance using drugs such as steroids
    The power to alter cognition including memory, mood, appetite, libido and attention through psychoactive drugs
    The power to replace body parts with natural organs, mechanical organs or tissues derived from stem cells. Perhaps soon to wire ourselves using computer chips implanted into the body and brain
    The power to prolong not just the average but the maximum human life expectancy

Source: New Scientist Print Edition

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3 Responses to “Human Upgrade!”

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  3. 3 Gp July 12, 2006 at 6:44 pm

    the first posthumans who come as early as we think…there cant be so much of tweaking of DNA’s to create a ‘healthy’ homo-futuris. But maybe evolution will take us there if we wait longer. Body implants might work though. Cognition and life extension are mere illusions if we consider the human limits.

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