Robot rebellion. Survival skills


How to survive a robot uprising

Here are the extracts from Daneil Wilson’s book “How to Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion”. The information is extracted from New Scientist print edition.

Question: How to escape a humanoid robot?

  1. Run towards light. By running towards the bright source of light you confuse the robot’s vision sensor and tracking system there by leaving him clueless where to find him.
  2. To save a comrade. To save a comrade you have to fist merge and give a quick bear hug and run in a random direction. A vision based target tracker might temporarily loose track of identity during the hug, especially if you are wearing similar dress. You can gain precious seconds before it regains its tracking capability.
  3. Don’t run in a predictable manner. If you follow the simple velocity trajectory it will be easier for robot to track your progress even through significant clutter. Zig zags erratically or change directions suddenly in order to throw off predictable tracking system.
  4. Use rough terrain. Take pride in your primate heritage. Humanoids are no good in climbing and navigating a rough terrain. So just climb the walls, trees etc.
  5. Find a water body. Most robots will sink in water or mud.

Here are my ideas for surviving a humanoid. In addendum to Daniels’ ideas.

  1. Communicate in different language. Most likely robots may be proficient in only one language while humans are not. When the erring humanoid is around speak in different tongue. Even Morse code will do.
  2. Have a flash gun in your armory. To blind his vision sensors.
  3. Have a signal jammer, probably a very good white noise generator
  4. Make a wax model of yourself so that robot will be confused
  5. Finally use the most human trait. Stab him from the back!

Add your own/stolen ideas here for the betterment of mankind.

More info:

Finally do anyone of you have an answer to my question ?


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